Current legislation and new demands require an increased attention to be paid during the design and construction process. Due to new incoming standards both construction and architectural companies are forced to consider alternative construction systems.

Whether you are a construction, development or architecture company and are interested in innovative solutions that meet the latest stringent requirements, our company is ready to start out with you a new innovative way of construction.

The SIP’s building system is manufactured in controlled factory conditions subject to regular inspection resulting from European legislation. The European Technical Assessment ETA 18/0312 and the relevant certificate of constancy of performance of the product 1301 - CPR - 1415 are a guarantee of quality

For those interested as well as business partners, we provide the necessary training for construction or design of the SIP’s building system.
We arrange lectures and professional discussions at seminars and conferences as well as lectures at universities.
For more information about training, please do not hesitate and contact us.

We are looking forward to our cooperation.